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Understanding Burning Mouth Syndrome

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What the name suggests pretty much explains it all when it comes to Burning Mouth Syndrome. What causes the condition remains a mystery, however, as does why the syndrome stops whenever you fall asleep.

Imagine the pain you’d experience in your gums, tongue and lips immediately after drinking something very hot like tea or coffee. Now imagine what it would be like if that feeling never went away. That’s how patients who suffer from Burning Mouth Syndrome feel all of the time. Occasionally patients will even suffer additional twists, like tasting something metallic in addition to the painful burning sensations. The truly unfortunate ones will even experience what’s described as a “crawling sensation” in their mouths. Patients suffering from this condition can have their symptoms last for years, and medicine offers no form of treatment that can help alleviate the pain.

A lack of available answers and years of discomfort make Burning Mouth Syndrome a very real, very life-altering phenomenon that researchers are only now just beginning to understand.

A Search For Answers

So far researcher know of only one thing that offers relief to people suffering from Burning Mouth Syndrome – sleep. Patients receive a brief break from their daily suffering every morning shortly after waking up. They spend the first hour of the day free from the constant oral burning sensation they otherwise experience before the pain slowly begins creeping back throughout the day. The pain, taste and crawling sensations patients experience become progressively worse as the day continues. The discomfort patients experience crescendos at night, but should the patient eventually fall asleep, he or she can look forward to the blissful time every morning where they wake up pain free.

Researchers have yet to discover the cause for Burning Mouth Syndrome. The syndrome is most commonly found in menopausal women, but it can impact the life of anyone. Treatment for the syndrome commonly involves medication usually used to treat depression and anxiety, not, however, because either condition is the cause of the syndrome but because very low dosages of these types of medications can dampen nerve activity.

In the absence of infection, Burning Mouth Syndrome causes your nerves to turn against you by insisting that something painful is happening regardless of whether there’s an actual cause. Fortunately, most people who experience this phenomenon recover to normal after just a few weeks. But the unfortunate ones can suffer from the symptoms for years without relief. Long-term Burning Mouth Syndrome lasts on average from between six to seven years.

Don’t Wait To Get Help

If you are experiencing oral discomfort with no known cause, don’t wait to get help from Coos Bay dentist Dr. Lori Lemire. Your oral health can have a significant impact on your overall health, which often makes oral health problems an early warning sign for other conditions in the body.

Seeking help immediately can dramatically improve how quickly you recover from a variety of oral health issues. So don’t wait until you can no longer stand the discomfort you’re experiencing. Coos Bay dentist Dr. Lori Lemire is here to help.

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