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How Chewing Your Food Can Improve Your Smile

You may have heard from your parents how important it is to brush your teeth, but how often did your parents tell you to chew your food longer? Some people don’t chew their food enough and this can actually hinder your over all health and wellbeing. Chewing food is the first step to great oral health, good digestion and even weight loss.

Here at Dr. Lori Lemire Family Dentistry, a Coosbay Dentist, we care about your overall health.  Many health problems can start in your mouth and how well you take care of it will show. It all starts with what you put in your mouth. In fact your oral health and the condition of your teeth can say a lot about your body’s health.

What you put in your mouth is important but not nearly as important as chewing your food. Here are ways your health can improve by chewing your food.

Improves Your digestion

Your body’s digestion starts with chewing your food. When you chew your food longer, you body recognizes food is coming and the digestive track is signaled. The process of chewing food longer is helpful for your body because it breaks down the enzymes and essential vitamins in your food. The nutrition will get into the blood stream much faster and even help you lose weight when you chew your food longer.

Signals your digestive tract

Chewing your food will also send a signal to your digestive track that it is time to gear up, because food is coming, and its time to do its job. The start of the digestive process starts in your mouth with chewing. When you chew your food it sends a message to get going. The process signals your pancreas to start working.

Improves oral health

Chewing your food will improve your digestion but also it can improve your oral health. When you chew your food, the vitamins and foods nutrition gets into your blood stream. When you chewing your food, it creates salvia in the mouth. The more salvia in the mouth the more it acts as a mouthwash and can remove food particles and bacteria that can cause cavities.

Repair the body

Food is a complex food substance that includes proteins. Protein will help your body build and repair damaged cells.

Proteins are a critical component to aid in your digestion because they help break down the acids, which means they are the building blocks for repairing damaged cells.

When you don’t chew your food for a long time, it can create a barrier to the digestion proteins.

Disease prevention

Chewing your food can help prevent many different types diseases and body issues, including obesity and tooth decay.  When you chew your food, you support your entire bodies overall health. The digestive process is part of building blocks to great health.




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