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Four Great Ways To Care For Your Gums

Coos Bay dentistry

The health of your gums is very important to your overall health, as once gingivitis and periodontal disease appears, it is very hard to get rid of it. Coos Bay dentistry patients with poor oral health could also trigger processes that could affect the entire body. Bacteria that live in the mouth can create inflammatory markers the can result in problems in other parts of our bodies, so maintaining gum health can help prevent some chronic conditions. Flossing daily and brushing are a great start for preventing any gum problems, and here are some other way to help your gums stay healthy and happy.

1. Diet

Addressing your diet is key in improving gum health. Processed foods like refined sugar, and white flour are hard on teeth and gums, and bacteria love environments that are high in sugar and starch.  Dentist Dr. Price’s famous studies in the 1920’s and 1930’s showed that primitive cultures had very small amounts of tooth and gum problems, due to a diet that was high in nutrient rich foods and which did not include refined sugars. Since we have high amounts of both in much of our processed food these days, limiting any sugary and starchy snacks is key in promoting healthy gums. Plaque breaks down those starch and sugar to make acids that promote tooth decay and can be harmful to your gums. Foods full of fiber like pears and apples can also stimulate blood flow by “massaging” your gums, and are helpful to their well-being.

2. Vitamins and a sweetener

The vitamin CoQ10 is known to be good for the health of gums.  This vitamin is beneficial to the mitochondria (our cells’ power producers), and also has been proven to help fight gingivitis.  Vitamin E is useful for the forming connective tissues and Vitamin C, which is key in the creation of connective tissue, can be found many vegetables and fruits, which are already valuable to your gums and teeth.  Xylitol, a sweetener derived from plants, which is used in sugar free chewing gum and as natural sweetener, is known to restrict certain bacterial growth and damage to the teeth and gums.

3. Frequent visits

Frequent visits to the dentist for a cleaning and checkup are one the best ways to monitor your gums for any problems. A visit to the dentist twice a year is key to keeping gums healthy.  As it is hard to see all of your gums, it’s good to have a professional check-in and notice if there are any signs of gum problems in your mouth. Dentists will clean plaque and tartar build-up that could result in unhealthy gums. They can also teach you how to floss more effectively.

4. Cut out tobacco

The simple fact is that you increase your risk of periodontal disease and other gum issues by smoking or using smokeless tobacco products. Smoking interferes with the function of gum tissue cells and can make users more prone to infections. Smokers can also face depleted folic acid in the gum tissue. By quitting smoking and tobacco products, not only will your gums be happier but also your entire body will thank you.

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