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Five Things Your Tongue Can Tell You

family dentist in Coos Bay

As a family dentist in Coos Bay, Dr. Lori Lemire wants all of her patients to enjoy the very best oral health possible. Your mouth acts as a gateway to your body in more ways than just through the foods you eat. Your oral health is closely linked to your overall health, which means your…

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What Your Tongue is Really Saying

As a Coos Bay family dentist, Dr. Lori Lemire wants to help keep patients informed about potential problems with both their oral and overall health. That’s why regular exams and cleanings are such an important part of maintaining the health of your smile for a lifetime. Of course, it’s not only Dr. Lemire that can…

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Oral Bacteria Linked to Migraines

dentist near the Oregon Coast

There are many reasons why those of us who live in the Coos Bay community might need to see a family dentist near the Oregon Coast. Toothaches, problems eating, sensitivity to hot or cold drinks and jaw discomfort are all reasons why patients come to see Dr. Lemire. However, the result of a new study…

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