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The Hidden Health Risks of Vaping

By Dr. Lori Lemire Family Dentistry | May 5, 2017 |
female dentist in Coos Bay

Since they were first released in 2004, the use of e-cigarettes has grown exponentially around the world. Many smokers have even started giving up their traditional tobacco products in favor for the electronic substitute – a habit commonly referred to as vaping – to improve their health, despite the fact that many health experts remain…

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Are Vaping And E-Cigs Bad For Your Dental Health?

By Dr. Lori Lemire Family Dentistry | Apr 25, 2017 |

As vaping and e-cigarettes rise in popularity as an alternative to traditional tobacco, many are wondering if vaping is better for your teeth than smoking. Here at Dr. Lori Lemire Family Dentistry, your Coos Bay family dentist of choice, we want to make sure you have all the facts about this growing trend, and how…

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Men Who Don’t Exercise Have Higher Risk Of Gum Disease

By Dr. Lori Lemire Family Dentistry | Dec 20, 2016 |
female dentist in Coos Bay

Now that the holidays and college football bowl season have nearly come to an end, most men may start to find it difficult to rationalize spending long hours on the couch during nights and weekends. While your female dentist in Coos Bay, Dr. Lori Lemire, understands that the winter months don’t readily lend themselves to…

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Oral Bacteria Linked to Migraines

By Dr. Lori Lemire Family Dentistry | Nov 16, 2016 |
dentist near the Oregon Coast

There are many reasons why those of us who live in the Coos Bay community might need to see a family dentist near the Oregon Coast. Toothaches, problems eating, sensitivity to hot or cold drinks and jaw discomfort are all reasons why patients come to see Dr. Lemire. However, the result of a new study…

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Tips For Teething: Surviving Baby’s First Teeth

By Dr. Lori Lemire Family Dentistry | Oct 22, 2016 |
Coos Bay children’s dentist

As many a harried parent can attest, when your child starts to get their first teeth, usually between six to 12 months, it can be a painful and trying experience for all. Babies are born with all 20 “baby” or primary teeth already in their mouth, just below the gum line. By age three, all your…

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New Research Maps Out Tooth Enamel at Atomic Level

By Dr. Lori Lemire Family Dentistry | Sep 22, 2016 |
children’s dentist in Coos Bay

As a children’s dentist in Coos Bay, Dr. Lori Lemire was dismayed by the statistic that one out of every two children in Australia suffer from tooth decay in their permanent teeth by the age of 12, according to a new study. Now researchers from the University of Sydney believe they have successfully identified some…

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The Great Mouthwash Debate

By Dr. Lori Lemire Family Dentistry | Mar 30, 2016 |
Coos Bay dentist

For many of Coos Bay dentist Dr. Lori Lemire’s patients, finishing off their daily oral hygiene routine comes with a vigorous swish of mouthwash. Many people really enjoy the refreshing sensation that comes from rinsing after they’ve finished brushing. Not only do they appreciate the minty fresh breath, they also feel like they’re helping to…

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Understanding Burning Mouth Syndrome

By Dr. Lori Lemire Family Dentistry | Nov 15, 2015 |
Coos Bay dentist

Welcome to the Coos Bay Dentist Blog! What the name suggests pretty much explains it all when it comes to Burning Mouth Syndrome. What causes the condition remains a mystery, however, as does why the syndrome stops whenever you fall asleep. Imagine the pain you’d experience in your gums, tongue and lips immediately after drinking…

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How to Protect Primary Teeth– and Why

By Dr. Lori Lemire Family Dentistry | Mar 25, 2015 |

Your dentist in Coos Bay, Dr. Lori Lemire, is the top choice for parents seeking excellent pediatric dental care. Why? Our clinic places extra emphasis on ensuring that our young patients get the gentle start they need to a lifetime of oral health. Because we are parents ourselves, our team has the experience– and the…

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Green, Leafy, and Really Good!

By Dr. Lori Lemire Family Dentistry | Feb 28, 2015 |

When it comes to a healthy diet, our patients are the best! Our patients enjoy plates heaping with veggies, whole grains, and dairy products (for the all-important calcium that supports teeth and bones). At Lori Lemire Family Dentistry, your family dentistry in Coos Bay, we know how lucky we are to have such health-conscious patients!…

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